Van Liew Chooses B&G As Co-Pilot For Velux 5 Oceans Race.

Like many sports, the elite competition component provides a fantastic R&D opportunity. Pushing products to the limits of their capabilities allows companies to sell them to ‘ordinary’ consumers, safe in the knowledge that they are fit for purpose. If the process works properly, then innovations developed for the sport’s top athletes filter down to consumer products.

[cleeng_content id=”344308867″ description=”99 cents or 10,000 hours. The path to being an expert can be easy or hard. ” price=”0.99″]Rather than just trading off associations with the sport for brand positioning purposes, manufacturers of marine products gain a more direct benefit from supporting the sport.

U.S. solo sailor Brad Van Liew will face the 30,000 miles of the VELUX 5 OCEANS 2010-11 race with B&G and Simrad Yachting electronics onboard, confident that their superior autopilots, instrumentation, and navigation equipment will not only keep him safe, but lend a competitive advantage to his racing.

Van Liew said:

“B&G has invested a great deal of energy and expertise into developing the industry’s top products since my last race around the globe in 2003. When I cannot be at the helm, B&G’s autopilots and instruments will step-in as the driver, while my B&G Deckman software and Simrad chartplotter and radar will help me make the tactical decisions necessary to be competitive and safe.”

Being alone at sea for the better part of nine months in some of the most brutal conditions on Earth begs the need for high performance, reliable electronics. Van Liew will fill the role of driver, tactician, navigator, trimmer and bow man – not to mention medic, cook and communicator. B&G Pilots are world-renowned for their performance and reliability, which Van Liew says are key factors whether he is blasting off through the volatile Southern Ocean or navigating the more finicky areas of the race course. The latest B&G gear boasts exceptional display technology, ease of use, ease of installation and durability. B&G’s Deckman is also the world’s most advanced tactical navigation software and will assist Van Liew in making critical decisions about race strategy and the course he will choose on each of the 5 intense ocean sprints.

Sean Hatherley, Director of Boatbuilder Sales at Navico said:

“We are thrilled that Brad has chosen B&G and Simrad for his race entry in the VELUX 5 OCEANS. I’ve followed Brad’s two previous successful solo races around the globe closely, and it is clear that he is serious about being as competitive as possible with the highest performance electronics and navigational software available that put him in a position to win.”

Competing in the exciting and environmentally conscious ECO 60 Class, Van Liew and his shore-support team have their work cut out for them, in completing a total refit of a 1998 racing machine. The ECO 60 Class demands the use of recycled boats and rewards competitors for their accomplishments in sustainable practices. The race boat has essentially been completely deconstructed, and the team has started the labor-intense reconstruction phase in preparation for the October 17, 2010 race start. Sponsors supporting the Lazarus Project include Samson, Harken, Awlgrip, AlpineAire, Pierside Boatworks, High and Dry Boat Works, Seabreeze Marina and Charleston Rigging & Marine Hardware.

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