FIFA Fan Fest – An Idea For Sailing Promoters from the World Cup.

Technology is starting to satisfy the global yacht racing audience by providing cheaper ways to send the sights and sounds of racing around the world. It would be foolish to try and compare any sailing event with the FIFA World Cup, but the event should nevertheless be being watched by sailing promoters for ideas about best practise.

Our friends at have pointed out that just because an event is happening in one place, the brand and festival atmosphere can’t be transported to other places. This report (originally in Italian), shows how the FIFA Fan Festival brings the events in South Africa to the rest of the world.

The FIFA 2010 World Cup has started and so has the FIFA Fan Festival. Rome is one of the cities that will host this event with Piazza di Siena in Rome becoming an official FIFA village where fans can watch a large screen showing live footage and highlights from South Africa .

It is the first time that the Fan Festival initiative has been tried. FIFA will open a series of official villages in six international cities: Rome, Berlin, Paris, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro and Sydney). The area of Piazza di Siena will have a capacity of 20 thousand people and the 6 thousand square meters of the oval plaza is expected to average 16 thousand spectators for major events.

The event is presented by FIFA and the municipality of Rome with the support of an organizing committee made up of Infront Italy, NSA and Minimega. There will be sponsorship by Coca-Cola, Emirates, Hyundai and Sony.

As SailBiz say, all this is possible thanks to precise planning of the sports event that allows organizers to sell a vision that is not limited to the location of the sporting event, but is carried around the world. They ask if  or when the Americas Cup will enjoy constant programming that will allow us to say that in 2014, 2018 and 2022 we will be enjoying the electric atmosphere of the sporting event?

Already, Cricket’s governing body is planning the cricket world in 2018,  targeting more than 2 billion people. What else can we learn from the World Cup?