Keeping the Crowds Happy At the Audi Med Cup.

Given that most sailing events happen too far out to sea to see, organisers are starting to think more about how to entertain those who are not on the boats, but who are enthusiastic enough to come and watch. After all, what’s the point of bidding for an event if the only people who are going to come and spend money are the competitors?

Earlier in the year, Marseille hosted the World Match Racing Tour and stepped up their on-shore entertainment so that spectators could feel more involved with the sport.

Now, the Marseille Trophy, the second regatta of this season’s Audi MedCup Circuit, has opened its Public Village. If you can’t see the boats sailing, why not come down to pontoon day and see them floating in the docks? Free access to the Public Village allows visitors to really experience the heart of the regatta atmosphere at a location which is in the middle of Marseille’s historic Vieux Port. As well as interactive contests with the sailors the sailing will be on a screen thanks to the 3D Virtual Eye system.

It’s a great investment in sponsorship activation, something that should alert visitors to the city who otherwise had no idea that a sailing event was taking place to the racing.

Rather than sit at home and watch on the internet, The ‘LiveZone’ is not the name for the race-course where spectators can follow the action, instead it is a stage and big screen that visitors will be able to concerts, contests, interviews, and broadcasting live the action straight from the water.

All this is great, but the PR is stretching a bit when it has to tempt guests with offers like:

In front of the stage, the Chill Out Zone offers comfortable sofas and atomised water cooling, for the visitor to chill out while enjoying the show.

Nevertheless, the future of the sport is in good hands. Why do inflatable playgrounds need to be shaped like castles…? An inflatable TP52 is one of the attractions for kids.

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