No Mention of F1 in New Henri Lloyd Environment Policy. 1

When compared to motor-racing or powerboat racing, sailing enjoys nice clean associations with the environment, but there are many other sports that have a smaller environmental footprint. On World Oceans Day it is important to remember just how the environment is an asset of all businesses connected with the sea.

Henri Lloyd have announced a new Company Environmental Policy Statement which rests nicely on the back of the company’s sailing activity. The company use their associations with TEAMORIGIN and the race for change to position their environmental credentials without making any reference to the fact that they are also the official supplier to an F1 team sponsored by an oil company.

Joint Chief Execs; Martin & Paul Strzelecki said ahead of World Environment Day on 5th June.

Following the successful launch of their award winning Blue Eco Foul Weather Gear last year this next step furthers the company’s commitment to reducing their carbon footprint and to increase the awareness of environmental issues among employees, business partners and customers.

Paul Strzelecki Joint Chief Executive says:

“We said last year that Blue Eco was only the beginning. We have worked closely with The Green Blue (an innovative environmental awareness programme set up by the British Marine Federation and the Royal Yachting Association) to introduce this new policy statement that not only affects Henri-Lloyd but also our suppliers and distributors worldwide. In fact at Henri Lloyd World (our Bi-annual Global Distributor Conference), which takes place at Goodwood House next week we will be asking our distributors from as far afield as Australia, North America and throughout Europe to follow the same policy. We believe as a company and individuals we should be making an effort to conserve the world’s natural resources and hope that by following this policy we can reduce our carbon footprint at a time when we continue to expand our business.”

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  • Rgth

    I can see why F1 was excluded as they are just a supplier.

    Ross Brawn sums it up:
    The involvement of F1 in research into engines, electronics and the forthcoming regenerative braking systems will drive such developments forward and speed up the introduction of environmental technologies which will filter back to mass production passenger cars and be of great benefit to the environment and consumers.

    Great to see marine brands doing something about the environment.