Pelle P – A Local Sponsor on A Global Stage.

The format of the World Match Racing Tour leads to some strange quirks when it comes to sponsorship. Each event is independently organised, which allows local sponsors to take part. Branding of signage and access to hospitality is one thing, but the strange situation of being able to brand competitors vehicles is unique to the World Match Racing Tour. Even in other one-design sports like motor-racing, it is hard to imagine a driver not being able to sell the sponsorship on the car he or she drives.

[cleeng_content id=”161397433″ description=”99 cents or 10,000 hours. The path to being an expert can be easy or hard. ” price=”0.99″]With increased television coverage of the our in 2010, boat sponsorship along with team clothing represents the best value deals within the tour (leaving aside title sponsorship for the moment). Sponsoring a boat is highly localised, and sponsoring team kit gets exposure at all 10 global events.

The Stena Match Cup Sweden has set the benchmark for how a Match Racing Event should be run. The original inspiration for the tour, the Marstrand event attracts thousands of spectators and transforms the whole island into a race-village.

Pelle P, the family owned clothing company,  is extending its sponsorship with Stena Match Cup Sweden after two successful years. Last year, the company increased its turnover by 40 % to 23 million SEK with a result of 1,8 million SEK. This year, Pelle P estimates an additional growth of more than 50 % and to double the result.

Pelle P has a strong connection to sailing. The company has its origin from the sailing legend Pelle Petterson who also has a unique skill as a successful designer and world–renowned competition yachtsman.  As a small company, becoming a boat sponsor in a substantial event like Stena Match Cup Sweden is a big investment. However, Pelle P has already received good return on their investment.

Cecilia Petterson, CEO and designer at Pelle P says:

We have managed to find an event where we can focus on the brand and the product design simultaneously, which is normally a challenge. Looking back, we took a big decision to become a boat sponsor, and we made the right one. This event has clearly contributed to the positive development of the company.

Pelle P has been a boat sponsor to Stena Match Cup Sweden since 2008 and is now extending the contract for three years.

Jan Torstenson, Stena Match Cup Sweden says:

It’s fantastic to see a partner making use of their sponsorship in such a brilliant way. With a clear strategy, Pelle P has used the event as a communications platform and combined exposure, product placement and relationship building activities. An engaged sponsor like Pelle P increases the quality of the event.

As part of the deal, Pelle P also provides event organisers and volunteers with practical clothing for the event. 200 people around the island will become walking manequins for the product during the week.

Martin Olsson continues, Sales manager, Pelle P:

Stena Match Cup Sweden is our biggest market activity during the year. Match racing as a sport feels very natural for us, and the event enables us to meet our target groups in our right environment during positive circumstances. A good combination of business and pleasure.

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