America’s (Cup) Got Talent – Three Video Finalists Chosen.

[cleeng_content id=”857088635″ description=”99 cents or 10,000 hours. The path to being an expert can be easy or hard. ” price=”0.99″]The competition to select the new breed of video artist to deliver the 34th America’s Cup to a fresh, wide audience has selected 3 initial finalists.

The campaign aims to tap Generation Y to share production techniques on how to energize the look of the competition for the world’s oldest sporting trophy. According to organisers, “the under 28 crowd was targeted because of its close association with extreme sports and social media,” however the restrictive age qualifications have disappointed some like Frank Bongiorno who comments on the video competition site:
I’m a 40 yo ex NAVY helicopter rescue swimmer, avid catamaran sailor and current Photographer, video director and producer. I have some great ideas that will go unheard with this (age) limitation.
Nevertheless, three videographers have been selected to be in the the America’s Cup TV Production Trials. An anonymous judging panel of “extreme sports and social media experts” including television producers and sailing videographers watched over 60 videos to choose the initial three winners.
The top three videos were “A bit of Hawai’i,” produced by Ricky Lesser of California, “Seaweed,” produced by Luke Luke White of the UK, and “Ride It,” produced by Alberto Accettulli of Italy.
Denis Harvey, a past host broadcast director of the America’s Cup and Executive TV Producer for the World Sailing Teams Association (WSTA) said:
“All three represented a nice mix of shot composition, artistry and effects to make them appealing to watch.”
The video that stirred the most interest, “Seaweed,” was also the shortest at 24 seconds. ‘The  Panel‘ deemed it “exceptionally clever” and “a fascinating piece of video
We agree that the Seaweed video is a bit different and the technique could be used for showing crew moving around a yacht and buoy roundings with great effect. Our favourites were those submitted by Votebird – who showed a wide range of techniques and skills.
Accettulli of Italy will join the video crew in Valencia for the upcoming production trials whilst White and Lesser are invited future trials scheduled in October.