Wight and White Activate Vodka Sponsorship. 2

Sailing could make more of the ‘Brand Ambassador’ concept. For the most part, sailors are well educated, can speak to media and represent a brand in a way that delivers real value. And it’s not just Olympic stars like Ben Ainslie or legends like Paul Cayard that can be matched with brands. UK sailor Hannah White has announced on her website that she will become a brand ambassador for Wight Vodka with a title that plays on the positioning and heritage of the product.

[cleeng_content id=”892507272″ description=”99 cents or 10,000 hours. The path to being an expert can be easy or hard. ” price=”0.99″]White says:

“How cool is to be Wight Vodka’s Brand Czar for the next year? Very cool. Let’s face the facts! When Ritu and I worked together last year on the OSTAR, I knew we were onto something special. Wight Vodka has such a fabulous focus on the yachting lifestyle that I love so much, that the White and Wight partnership was destined to mature. This is just one more step in a long partnership together!”

The role will make Hannah the face of the brand in several activation campaigns throughout the year.

I’ll be marketing and promoting the Wight Vodka brand everywhere I travel. If you’re a bar or yacht club on the Atlantic or Pacific coast that I’ll be visiting over the coming year, you better have Wight Vodka on the top shelf! I’m also launching a news service to the yachting fraternity through a series of Podcasts over the coming 12 months, with a deeper insight into the sailor’s competitive and somewhat hectic lifestyle than previously seen. We’re calling these Vodcasts in recognition of Wight Vodka’s support. I’ll also be carrying the Wight Vodka branding on the boat and our kit.

Ritu Manocha, owner of 50 North, the company behind Wight Vodka says:

“This is a significant step forward for the White and Wight brand alliance. We knew from working with Hannah on her fabulous trans-Atlantic success in the 2009 OSTAR that we wanted to continue with our relationship. ‘White and Wight’ is such an obviously superb pairing. The hardest part of this relationship was figuring out what to call Hannah: Brand Ambassador? Emissary? Brand Agent (or Secret Agent)? Special Envoy? We went for Brand Czar because it sounded right with just a little edge to it!”

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