New WIKI Yacht Racing and Sailing Database Launched. 1

Pilote Media have launched a new project to capture knowledge about yacht racing and the sport of sailing. The sports marketing company who publish the authoritative and DARK BLUE BOOK, have created the resource to help those in the industry and those looking for information about the sport of sailing.

[cleeng_content id=”813974641″ description=”99 cents or 10,000 hours. The path to being an expert can be easy or hard. ” price=”0.99″]The WIKI based website allows anyone with knowledge to update, add and edit information using the same software and principles that drive the popular online encyclopaedia Wikipedia. Users will be able to find information about yacht races, yacht racing series, athletes, sponsors and important organisations.

Pilote CEO David Fuller says:

This is an opportunity for those in the sport of sailing and yacht racing to share information about themselves and their organisations. We are going to use information submitted for the DARK BLUE BOOK to start the ball rolling, but then it is up to the community to decide how much detail is added.

Hopefully the resource can help new participants, investors and sponsors to enter the sport by providing information that aids decisions by educating and informing. It’s completely open, so there will need to be some buy-in from the community for it to work, but there should be advantages for all.

The database of yacht racing and sailing will be added to incrementally and monitored by volunteer administrators.

David says:

Through the DARK BLUE BOOK project, we talk to thousands of people in the industry, each of whom have knowledge that it is in their interest to share. If each one wrote a paragraph about themselves, the class they compete in, the races they have won or watched, then we would have a lot of material as the basis of a very powerful tool.

Information will start being added at over the next few months.[/cleeng_content]