Trumer Brauerei Berkeley Sponsor San Francisco Melges Race Week. 2

Sailing can work for almost any sponsor. The wide variety of disciplines and classes means that usually a fit can be found between objectives and audience. Sometimes the association is obvious and sometimes you need some PR spin to make it all come together. As part of the Trumer Brauerei Berkeley announcement that they will become the title sponsor of the the San Francisco Melges Race Week, there was this line that made us smile:

Brewing Trumer Pils can be compared to racing a high performance sailboat: both take a highly specialized team and the patience to perfect an art based science and physics.

The event includes the US Melges 24 Gold Cup 2010 as well as a warm-up regatta for the International Melges 32 before their World Championship in San Francisco.

The Melges 24 Class was once very strong in California, but dwindled before staging a recovery. In an interview with Justin Chisolm, USMCA Treasurer And San Francisco Fleet Captain Chris Farkas said:

… I don’t know that any are particularly unique to California. It’s certainly easier for teams from Europe to join us on the East Coast, but the venues of San Francisco, San Diego, and Lake Tahoe are world-class and hopefully compelling enough to warrant the additional effort and distance involved. What is somewhat unique is having a class comprised of such rich breadth: from sponsored professional teams competing on the international circuit to local club sailors enjoying their boats at the weeknight beercan. Same boat, divergent needs. The challenge for our governing body and local leadership is balancing those competing interests and working with each group of stakeholders to ensure the owners’ and their crews’ experience is truly compelling.

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