Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-16 2

  • Hopefully Weymouth will be a great sailing venue, but it's a push to claim it as part of the 'London' Olympics. Not even a day trip! #SS4g #
  • @FrancisColledge our considered opinions will start appearing today. Not exactly negative, but lots to think about. #cowesweek in reply to FrancisColledge #
  • Searches for the 1851 Cup last week generated nearly 15% of our total traffic – Thanks to @dmfreedom for the SEO tips. #
  • Not sure about this "Let's make the America's Cup cool' thing. F1 would never run on two wheels on dirt. Sounds like a blog coming on. #AC34 #
  • Whenever anyone says sailing is not exciting I usually have 3 words – '18 foot skiffs' – Super cool photo sequence: #
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