Audi Back Med Cup for Another Three Years as Title Sponsor.

Audi Renews Title Sponsorship Deal for 3 Years

[cleeng_content id=”106552947″ description=”99 cents or 10,000 hours. The path to being an expert can be easy or hard. ” price=”0.99″]One of the questions that recent America’s Cup announcements raised was  – what would be the effect of a new annual series in catamarans have on existing professional events like the Audi Med Cup? One of sailing’s most involved and savvy sponsors, Audi have responded to that question with a renewed 3 year title sponsorship deal for the TP52 series. AUDI AG and World Sailing Management have signed a new collaboration agreement which extends AUDI´s title sponsorship of the Audi MedCup, through to the end of 2013.

In fact, BMW ORACLE’s pursuit of a young, extreme, ‘Facebook’ generation of fans, may allow events like the Audi Med Cup an opportunity to attract sailing fans alienated by the new approach announced for the America’s Cup.

In 2007, AUDI AG formed a significant relationship with the MedCup sailing circuit, which a year later developed to become title sponsor allowing the Audi MedCup Circuit to develop over the course of 2008, 2009 and 2010.

While some potential America’s Cup Teams may leave the series to focus on developing multihull capabilities, the Audi Med Cup has a proven track record of delivering world class sailing competition and a specific market niche that sponsors seem to be happy with. Rather than ‘waste’ sponsorship euros in markets that are irrelevant or wait for venues to be announced, partners of the Audi Med Cup can activate in known territories and assign budget from local business units.

Lothar Korn (GER), Head of Marketing Communications of AUDI AG, says:

“Audi AG joined the world’s leading regatta circuit in 2007 as an official partner. The following year they initiated what has been a very successful three year title partnership to become the Audi MedCup Circuit. This partnership links our global brand to one of the most technologically advanced disciplines in sailing. We are proud to extend the relationship for a further three years.”

“The profile of the Circuit has gained in prestige and the thrilling competition has captivated a wider audience. Through our joint efforts as we will strive to ensure the success of the Audi MedCup Circuit together with innovations year on year.”

Companies like Audi realise that sailing is not a mono-culture. Segmentation is important, and the Med Cup obviously fits with the market they are trying to promote to. The renewal of the title sponsorship deal will also provide comfort to other partners and allow them to plan for the next three years.

Fernando Iñigo, Marketing and Communication Director of Grupo Santa Mónica Sports, parent company of World Sailing Management says:

“The fact that AUDI AG has renewed the contract reinforces the Audi MedCup’s success. The last three years of support from AUDI AG has allowed an unprecedented qualitative leap, by implementing a series of products and services that today are the identifying hallmark of the Circuit. We are facing this new stage with the goal to keep making this sport popular and accessible to a global audience and even more attractive to the sponsors.”

Ignasi Triay (ESP), director of the Audi MedCup Circuit:

“After four years of sponsorship, the relationship between AUDI AG and MedCup extends so much further than the details of the contract. For us, it means us offering a brand association that automatically communicates prestige and reliability which are of vital importance when we are talking about attracting teams, venues and media.”

Quantum Racing Commit to Audi Med Cup with new TP52

Perhaps also seeing the opportunity for the Med Cup to become the premier Monohull series, now that the America’s Cup is in catamarans, long term Audi MedCup Circuit competitors Quantum Racing are the first of several teams to announce that they will campaign a new build boat for the 2011 Circuit.

The new Quantum Racing will follow a very similar established winning recipe, being designed by Botin Carkeek and built in Spain by Chimo Lopez Longtitude Zero in Burriana, ready for launching and work up in the Mediterranean early next season.

Project manager Ed Reynolds, President of Quantum Sail Design Group said:

“ We want to support the Audi MedCup. I’ve watched for years when a new one design class or a new boat comes out and it’s always like ‘well if you sell six boats we’ll buy one’. Somebody just has to stand up first and say ‘we believe the direction, we believe the new concept and we like the new boats.

“We’re going to be here for a while and hopefully it will all kind of give enough confidence to some of the other teams to say yes, the Audi MedCup is going to be here for a while Let’s step up and go too.

“The Audi MedCup is the most competitive, highest level of monohull racing ever, it is so intense, so defined, and I personally believe what’s happened with the Americas Cup with multihulls has created an amazing opportunity for the Medcup to truly take a grip of grand prix, the ultimate level of sailing in the world.”

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