New America’s Cup Boat and Protocol. Any Questions?

On the 13th of September,  the ‘Boat Rule’ and the Protocol for the next America’s Cup will be announced by Russell Coutts, the CEO of BMW ORACLE Racing Team and Vincenzo Onorato, the team principal of Mascalzone Latino, plus the Commodores of the defending Golden Gate Yacht Club and the Challenger of Record, the Club Nautico di Roma.

Onorato has been very quiet, at least publicly, over the last few months, letting Russell Coutts talk to the media. There have been rumblings that the Challenger of Record has tended to look on occasion like the ‘puppet’ challenger that BMW ORACLE and Mascalzone Latino fought so hard in the courts to banish from the last edition. The Challenger of Record certainly hasn’t been the public voice of the other challengers.

There is still a lot of speculation around what will be announced on Monday, and for those who can’t be in Valencia, the event will be streamed at from 13:00 local time.

For those who want to ask questions publicly, you can do so via Twitter or the backroom America’s Cup way via email –

Asking a question in 140 characters is a fun exercise. It certainly makes you think about what it is you want to get out of the question. Here are some that we have sent via Twitter… If you have any of your own, add them to the comments section below and we’ll pass them on.

  • @yachtbusiness – @34thAC Q. Will you be providing quantitative evidence to support your decisions that prove a clear preference by TV audiences?
  • @yachtbusiness – @34thAC Q. If you have chosen Multihulls, what made you choose to change the product rather than do a better job of marketing the old one?
  • @yachtbusiness – @34thAC Q. Getting exciting America’s Cup on TV is one thing. How are you going to market it to a new audience so that they watch?
  • @yachtbusiness – @34thAC Q. Can you tell us who the television experts are who you have consulted with?