New TEAMORIGIN Video to Shore up Commercial Credentials. 1

It’s not quite clear who the audience for this video by TEAMORIGIN is. Perhaps it is corporate guests of the team at the Audi Med Cup. Perhaps it is Jaguar who supported the team during the 1851 Cup during Cowes Week. Perhaps it is the British public. Perhaps it is potential new sponsors or commercial partners.

Posted on the 9th of September on YouTube, while Ben Ainslie and Iain Percy are off in Denmark for the Danish leg of the World Match Racing Tour, it refer explicitly to the value of sponsorship. So perhaps it is designed to calm any questions that potential partners might have had about one of the main team members questioning the level of commercial involvement in sailing on a blog that reaches over 30 million users.

Meanwhile, we wait for what the Defender and the Challenger of Record have to announce on Monday. Have they got the pulse of the sporting public right?

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  • Roger Johnstone

    Guys – the expression is “shore up” (as in reinforce) and “pulse” has an s not a c. But take your point