Sailing Bits and Pieces From Around the Web 2010-09-20

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  • @Cameronclewis introducing the show and saying that it will be a profound change. #AC34 #
  • Coutts says continuity is important… and we need to communicate it. Sponsors need to be able to plan for the long term. #
  • America's Cup boat will be an AC72 – But how many hulls will it have? Smart money says more than one. #AC34 #
  • New America's Cup boat will have 11 crew… #
  • Confirmed – Press release goes out before Coutts. Multihull 72 with wing sails. #
  • Cue Dance music… the new America's Cup boat looks surprisingly like Alinghi 5…! #AC34 #
  • Onorato says that multihull America's Cup boat will cost 20% less than a monohull equivalent. #AC34 #
  • GGYC commodore states that ~the playing field has been levelled" – Suddenly @TEAMORIGIN hiring Grant Simmer seems like a good idea. #AC34 #
  • Coutts announcing a Youth America's Cup in an AC45 – Ignores the #WMRT and says there is no progression to the America's Cup. #AC34 #
  • New America's Cup announcements are going to have big impact on Extreme Sailing Series, World Match Racing Tour and the Olympics… #AC34 #
  • @34thAC Will you be providing quantitative evidence to support your decisions that prove a clear preference by TV audiences? #ac34 #
  • @34thAC Q. Getting exciting America’s Cup on TV is one thing. How are you going to market it to a new audience so that they watch? #
  • @34thAC – That isn't the question we asked at all!! #AC34 Lucky Twitter records the original… #
  • Can't wait to see statements from extreme sailing series, world match racing tour and audi med cup. #ac34 #