Potential America’s Cup Teams Briefed on Commercial Package.

While very few syndicates have put up their hands and committed to the next America’s Cup, the new race management organsation (ACRM) has begun tempting them to play in the 34th edition of the trophy and the new annual event setup. While the ACRM is repeatedly called ‘independent’ – it still uses the resources of BMW ORACLE to get its messaging out to the press. Therefore the headline coming out of a special meeting in Paris on Friday was that there are 24 teams interested in the next Cup.

[cleeng_content id=”332599195″ description=”99 cents or 10,000 hours. The path to being an expert can be easy or hard. ” price=”0.99″]ACRM CEO Ian Murray is more realistic, telling the media that it was not a competitor meeting, rather a briefing and that 8 teams would be a good starting point for the event.

As well as being updated on the AC45 World Series which will attempt to run 5 events in 2011, the potential teams reviewed the marketing and television plans from the recently formed commercial arm, the America’s Cup Event Authority. The ACEA will provide the financial stability to allow the America’s Cup the continuity of racing and management from cycle to cycle regardless of Defender/Trustee.

Despite there being no venues announced, the Chairman of ACEA, Richard Worth expects teams to be able to go to the sponsorship marketplace and raise money. He said:

“The teams are now in the marketplace for prospective partners to fund their programs. We are supporting them as much as possible by providing the teams with the right tools to help source commercial partners. With the planned enhancements for the media model and other positive event changes, the teams have the best package ever to attract sponsors on board.”

The ACEA and ACRM are expecting to run the first World Series event in June 2011. This gives the organisations, teams and venue just 8 months to create a world class sporting event from scratch. The funding model seems to rely on host cities providing the investment to make the events work. Murray says:

The World Series is being driven by venue participation and sponsorship more than sponsor’s from what I know.

The first two AC45 boats will go to the Defender and the Challenger of record. Boats 3 – 6 will not be delivered to teams until March.

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