Russian Sailing Team Synergy Will Build New TP52 for 2011

There was a time when the Audi Med Cup circuit might have been seen as temporary; the kind of event that existed as a whim for owners who one day would get bored of the TP52 and want to race something else. Some saw the announcement of an America’s Cup in catamarans as the death-blow for the series, but since then, several teams have announced new boats for the 2011 season.

[cleeng_content id=”185421215″ description=”99 cents or 10,000 hours. The path to being an expert can be easy or hard. ” price=”0.99″]Russia’s Synergy Sailing Team are the latest to announce that they will build a new TP52 for the 2011 Audi MedCup Circuit. The campaign is part of a project to improve the top level of Russian grand prix sailing and introduce more young Russian talent to the upper levels of professional sailing.

The new build TP52 will be built from the same mould as the new Botin Carkeek designed Quantum Racing (USA). The boat will be backed by the same group of five enthusiastic owners and co-sponsors with the team also looking for new co-sponsors to come on board.

Synergy Sailing Team’s project manager Maxim Logutenko says:

“We are in a really good working relationship with Quantum Racing and will build a sistership from the same mould, but there will be some differences in the deck layout and we have been developing some interesting electronics systems this year. We have developed a lot of different tools to use, software and hardware”  “We will work together for next year. At the moment we are in the design process with Botin Carkeek for the deck. But the boats will both look very similar, the hull shape will be the same.”

“We find that for our team the America’s Cup and MedCup are two completely different stories and we can work in parallel with this project. The Audi MedCup Circuit will allow us to bring more and more Russian people on board, training them to be ready for the America’s Cup. That is why we have had a young Russian helm here. The interest in Russia has gone up and up, and the Russian sailing community is happy to see us pushing and pushing. The long term process is to have fully Russian teams and you cannot do that in ten days, in one year. This is a long term project.”

Decisions as to the exact composition of the crew for next season have not been taken. This season their boat was steered by Karol Jablonski (POL) with Rod Dawson (NZL) on tactics, Chris Main (NZL) trimming mainsheet and Francesco Mongelli (ITA) navigating.

“The helmsman for sure will be Russian. We are very excited about the project. It is a good opportunity to bring Russian sailing to the world sailing community. We have five co-owners and some co-sponsors and we are looking for more sponsorship for next year. It is the same group which is pushing, pushing all the time.”

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