Audi Med Cup 2011 Calendar Dates Announced

Audi Med Cup 2011 Schedule

[cleeng_content id=”968132830″ description=”99 cents or 10,000 hours. The path to being an expert can be easy or hard. ” price=”0.99″]Sailing would have a much easier time raising sponsorship if it got its collective calendar sorted out. If companies could plan their budgets knowing when and where races were going to be with a bit of notice, it would all be a lot simpler for everyone. Of course this is the kind of thing that a world governing body like ISAF should control. The sheriff should be able to tell the duelling cowboys which dates they could have so that the sport as a whole could make the most of the calendar.

That’s not going to happen anytime soon, but well done to the Audi Med Cup for getting their dates at least out in the public domain. The series, which seems to have survived the loss of some of the more well known America’s Cup teams will run 5 events throughout 2011. Markets visited include France, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

The 2011 Audi MedCup Circuit season will feature both the TP52 Series fleet and the exciting new S40 one-design class which has been attracting worldwide attention since it was announced as the Circuit’s second class from 2011 onwards.

The 2011 dates will be:

  • Trophy 1 – Tuesday 17th – Sunday 22nd May
  • Trophy 2 – Tuesday 14th – Sunday 19th June
  • Trophy 3 – Tuesday 19th – Sunday 24th July
  • Trophy 4 – Tuesday 23nd – Sunday 28th August
  • Trophy 5 – Monday 12th – Saturday 17th September

The events will a nice short format with the TP52s starting racing Tuesday and finishing on Sunday. There will be a coastal race at each regatta, usually on the Friday. The S40 programme has to be confirmed but will maximise their racing time and they will not race coastal races.

Venue announcements for the 2011 Audi Med Cup will be made shortly. Ignacio Triay (ESP), Audi MedCup Circuit Director, explains:

“We are finalising negotiations with venues at the moment. The principles remain the same and we expect to be returning to a number of the venues that proved so successful in 2010. We are very conscious of delivering what the owners like and also what the preferences are for our sponsor Audi.”

“On the one hand, returning to successful, known venues makes a lot of sense for everyone involved, it allows continuity for everyone: it allows the cities to build on their successful formula, it streamlines logistics for organisers, teams and hosts. And we have built good data on weather reliability and wind patterns for efficient race management on the water. But on the other hand, we all like to visit new cities for different reasons, not least to introduce new challenges for the competitors, which they enjoy.”

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