BluQube Activate Sailing Sponsorship with Viral Videos

‘bluQube v. bluQube’

Sometimes the association between sport and sponsorship is not obvious, but with a bit of lateral thinking and good activation, sponsorship can provide some great content for promotion that really differentiates you from the competition.

Take bluQube, the accounting software package that has been a long time supporter of UK sailor Katie Miller. Of course the boat gets coverage while racing, but between races, it is also a great asset to utilise. The company is activating the sponsorship in a new series of videos that challenge the sportswoman to beat the accounting software in 3 challenges.

The videos were filmed in the Solent and show that you don’t need expensive production budgets to get across your message. The objective of the challenges was to demonstrate whether Katie can finish a number of sailing tasks faster than it takes the bluQube user to complete a range of key accounting procedures such as sending out invoices, creating monthly payment runs or distributing financial reports.

bluQube’s Marketing Manager, Mat Kirby, explains the thinking behind the campaign:

“We wanted potential customers to understand both the simplicity and powerful capabilities of bluQube accounting software and felt that this would be a novel yet exciting approach to promote the benefits to our target audience. We have a long tradition of sailing sponsorship, a sport particularly popular amongst financial directors, so the concept of using some fun challenges that showcase both our bluQube sailing boat and our software at the same time was a perfect fit. The fact that the bluQube user was able to complete the accounting tasks via a laptop whilst aboard a moving boat, was also crucial in showing how flexible the browser-based software is.”

The three challenges include:-

Challenge # 1: Katie has to remove sail cover, attached head of sail to mast and hoist mainsail weighing 40kgs while bluQube user, Rob has to create 62 invoices and email same invoices to recipients

Challenge # 2: Katie has to Sail 3.5 nautical mile trip in the Solent while bluQube user, Rob has to enter Month end journals, Generate debt letters, Create Monthly payment Run

Challenge # 3: Katie has to Sail 5 nautical mile trip in the Solent while bluQube user, Rob has to produce monthly, quarterly and YTD performance, Cash & Debtors Position, Income Breakdown, Plan v. Actual and email to the board.

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