Yanmar Get Sponsorship Benefits Without On the Water Success.

2010 has not been the most successful year on the water for Peter Gilmour and his Yanmar Racing World Match Racing Tour team. With just one race to go, Gilmour lies in 8th place, well behind the ‘young guns’. Whether the tour is favouring youth and enthusiasm over age and gamesmanship, or whether the increased responsibilities of being one of the series owners is impacting on the results; Gilmour’s sponsor Yanmar are probably still quite happy.

While results on the water are great, and help to attract sponsorship, every sponsorship deal has its own goals and measures of success. In Gilmour, Yanmar get a true legend of the sport and a brand ambassador who can perform with as much talent in front of conference delegates or the media as in a dial up at the start of a match race.

A little story about activation this week tells of Peter Gilmour as skipper of Yanmar Racing visiting the Yanmar Kota Kinabalu R&D Center and the Sabah International Expo 2010 (SIE2010), a multi-industry international trade fair.

Sailing is often used to strengthen environmental credentials. The activation of the Yanmar Racing sponsorship at an event like SIE2010 helps to promote the Yanmar Kota Kinabalu R&D Center, which deals in the research and development of biodiesel, in order to actively contribute to world environmental issues such as the depletion of oil resources and global warming. Its main activities include the development of biodiesel engine technologies, engine performance tests, together with analysis and evaluation of fuels and lubricants to be used on biodiesel engines.

As part of his brand ambassador role, Peter Gilmour greeted Chief Minister of Sabah and the visitors of the Yanmar booth, and offered a presentation of the latest activity of Yanmar Racing and tips on how to make the most of match races. The presentation serves as a reminder that not all sponsorship benefits are external, or for general spectator consumption.

Sponsorship can be a powerful internal communications platform and allow companies to positions themselves within niche markets.

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