Marinepool New Official Clothing Partner of Extreme Sailing Series.

Amongst the noise of the World Yacht Racing Forum and the launch of the Extreme Sailing Series 2011 calendar, it was also announced that Marinepool would become the Official Clothing Supplier to the EXSS.

[cleeng_content id=”424724850″ description=”99 cents or 10,000 hours. The path to being an expert can be easy or hard. ” price=”0.99″]The deal is for a 3-year period (2011-2013) and importantly, given the fan-centric direction of the Extreme Series, also grants Marinepool exclusive merchandising rights for clothing. Marinepool will replace Henri Lloyd as the official clothing supplier for the series.

As the circuit for Extreme 40 catamarans becomes a more international offer, it provides access to markets where sailing is an emerging sector. Therefore the potential for growth in the sailing clothing category in markets like Turkey, China and Arabia is greater than some traditional venues where competition is high. The development by Marinepool of an event collection and merchandising line will help activate the partnership both at Extreme Sailing Series events and through the brand’s retail partner network and online.

Partnering with a highly visible, spectator friendly sailing event in these emerging markets is a smart move.

Christoph Stadler from Marinepool explained how the deal fits in with the brand’s sponsorship activity:

Celebrating the 20th anniversary next year, Marinepool has been looking for something truly outstanding and has found the perfect match in the Extreme Sailing Series. The Series fits Marinepool´s strategy shift from sponsoring individuals to events and utilising merchandising opportunities. Marinepool strongly believed in the appeal of multihulls much earlier than they became “fashion” with the America´s Cup and has been sponsoring world class athletes like Darren Bundock, Roland Gäbler or Jordanis Paschalidis who ruled the Tornado class for many years. The concept of stadium sailing close to the crowds has proven successful in the Volvo Champions Race Series, a regatta series run in Germany as far back as 2002/2003, in Tornados and 49ers. The clothing partner then: Marinepool.

Stadler also explains why the Extreme Sailing Series is such a good fit:

Mark Turner’s approach of creating the most competitive, entertaining and exciting inshore sailing product the sport has ever seen and professionally manage it to maximise commercial returns, providing unique VIP experiences and best-in-sport content for local audiences and the global media is just what sponsors and partners have been waiting for and with 9 events on 3 continents the Extreme Sailing Series is the perfect means to strenghten the Marinepool brand globally.”

Watch the launch of the Extreme Sailing Series 2011 Calendar and teams announcement.[/cleeng_content]