Sailing Bits and Pieces From Around the Web 2010-12-13

  • We've got 1490 Twitter followers. We might have to find a prize for the 1500th like a @darkbluebook #
  • @antipodeon wordpress works well, but we host it ourselves. Blogger is easy to get up and running quickly, but Tumblr seems to be back. in reply to antipodeon #
  • Found @loickpeyron while searching through #bwr tweets. #
  • RT oc_markturner : On Monday eve, in Estoril on eve of #WYRF we'll announce, who's racing, where we go, and how we'll do it! #ExSs #
  • Congrats to @Yacht_Brokerage for following. You were our 1500th. Get in touch and we'll send you a present – a 2010 @darkbluebook. #
  • Expensive America's Cup Plan Is Out via @thebaycitizen #ac34 #
  • @trebormat there is a mystery 4th, and this is the fifth if you include the defender and challenger of record. We think. Clear as mud. in reply to trebormat #