Sailing Bits and Pieces From Around the Web 2010-12-20

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  • Sun is shining in Estoril for #WYRF But before that – the Extreme Sailing Series launch tonight: #exss #
  • @BAUDRYCH we can give you a email address for a few days. Seems to be working fine. See you soon. #wyrf in reply to BAUDRYCH #
  • Extreme sailing series adds china, Singapore, turkey and Boston to become a world tour #exss #
  • Torvar Mirsky will helm an extreme 40 for Omans sail next year. Great news for the sport #exss #
  • World yacht racing forum about to start with James Spithill. #wyrf #
  • TV can fix the Americas cup, but If it can make family sedans and men in Lycra exciting, couldn't it make monohulls interesting? #wyrf #
  • @dailysail_james he says in a suit and tie! in reply to dailysail_james #
  • Nice phrase from Jimmy Spithill – "fans we have yet to earn." #wyrf #
  • Mark turner: advantage and downside of sailing is the ability to customise the offer. #wyrf #
  • MotoGP invest in new talent from around the world. In Australia they went scouting to find Casey stoner. #wyrf #
  • "sailors who sail for private owners don't have to communicate. Not used to standing in front of cameras." says: @oc_markturner #wyrf #
  • Who is the most recognised sailing personality in the world? #wyrf #
  • Knut Frostad on stage at the world yacht racing forum. "sailing needs to be ambitious" #wyrf #
  • Knut Frostad – "how does sailing create 'ongoing business'? Predictability is the key." #wyrf #
  • Amazing video from Volvo cars about how integrated their guest experience. Every detail thought of. #wyrf #
  • Hugo boss racing attach a dollar value to Facebook fans, as well as other once intangible ROI factors. #wyrf #
  • Loick peyron uses mountain climbing to explain sailing. All events are 8000 peaks (including the Americas cup) – some have more light. #wyrf #
  • Rob Andrews says London 2012 bid book didn't think about spectators or 'arena sailing' #wyrf #
  • Acws isn't the most friendly acronym to attract 1 BILLION viewrs for the Americas cup world series #wyrf #
  • America's cup discounted by $1.2 million to just 100k. #wyrf #
  • Coming soon: @oc_markturner , @jimotoole , knut frostad and Richard Worth all answering the same 8 sailing business questions #wyrf #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — Mark Turner Talks About Extreme Sailing Series at World Y… #