Marine Industry Awards Categories Announced.

Best Marine Marketing of the Year?

Who does sponsorship and marketing best?

More information has been published about the new Marine Industry Awards including the categories for which awards will be given. The judging panel is yet to be announced.

There are a total of thirteen awards listed, including prizes for innovation and powerboats, but three awards should be of particular interest to readers of this site. Though the awards are being run in conjunction with the British Marine Federation, there is nothing in the rules that precludes non British entrants.

Marine Sports Event of the Year

According to the official website, this award is for a momentous sporting occasion throughout the last year.

Judges will be looking for:

  • Impressive audience or participation figures
  • Visitor enjoyment
  • Sponsor support
  • Quality of performance in the event.

It is expected that entries in this category will come from PR agencies, sponsorship firms, advertising agencies, brands, rights holders, event organizers and charities.

Marine Brand of the Year

There are some interesting criteria here that seems to be weighted in favour of entrenched players rather then innovators, particularly the requirement that the brand be dominant within the sector.

“This award is for a brand which has performed outstandingly over the past 12 months and is representative of the standards of excellence the marine industry aspires to.”

Criteria will include:

  • Dominance within the sector
  • Activities and performance
  • Sponsor support
  • Evidence of standards of excellence

Marketing Campaign of the Year

This one is a nice fit for sponsors of sailing, though could be interpreted a lot more widely. Again, there is nothing that says the campaign has to have been undertaken by a British company or that the audience has to be a UK audience. The outline of the award category is:

“This award is for a marketing campaign for a marine initiative or one that leveraged the marine industry for commercial or charitable purposes.”

It will be interesting to see how the various sponsors of sailing stack up against each other and other marine properties. The Marine Industry Award for Marketing Campaign of the Year will be judged using the following criteria.

  • Relevance and appropriateness to the marine industry
  • How the rights or property were researched and selected
  • Clearly defined objectives
  • Evidence of how successfully these objectives were met, including details of the campaign evaluation
  • Demonstration of new ideas, campaign development and creative thinking
  • Integration with other marketing activities
  • Well-considered and presented promotional support materials

All entries should be submitted by the 1st of August 2011.

More information about the Marine Industry Awards can be found here…