New America’s Cup Boat (Prototype) Launched in Auckland. 2

AC45 America's Cup Multihull Catamaran

The first of the America’s Cup 45 boats, has been launched in New Zealand. The 45 foot version of the wing sail powered catamaran is destined to become the mandated boat for the planned Youth America’s Cup, but in 2011, the America’s Cup Event Authority are still trying to put on a World Series, with signed up challengers using these boats for some practise.

Oracle Racing (the BMW era is now over), get the first one and then the Challenger of Record get the next one and then the other teams in order get theirs.

The mono-vs-multi hull debate continues. Comments on the Official 34th America’s Cup YouTube Channel and Facebook page show that the Event Authority still has some way to go to convince people that this is the way of the future, but the entertainment value and the commercial imperatives sometimes don’t match up with the nostalgia for the past. Its the same reason why people complain about the lack of aesthetic beauty of a modern day F1 car and more people attend the Silverstone Classic than the British Grand Prix.

But the America’s Cup Event Authority can’t turn back now. They are committed to the 2 hulled boats with wing sails for the next edition of the event and by the looks of the boat sailing on it’s maiden outing, it’s fast. AC 45 #1 isn’t yet rigged with the next generation of cameras and media capture devices that we are expecting from the organisers.

Early footage is pretty standard stuff, with the classical soundtrack swapped out for something a bit more modern, but the purpose of this launch wasn’t to excite people about the boats, or prove the capabilities of the communications team, it was to see if it hit the numbers that the CFD boffins said it would.

It will be interesting to see how the photographers get more than 2 into a single shot.

First Video of the AC 45 America’s Cup Boat

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  • Gabri104

    The new boat is indeed beautiful. But we’re talking about catamarans: pure speed in a straight line and what else? Would these prototypes be able to give use the battle of tacks, the engagements and the emotion the mono-hulled boats gave us before?
    Tecnology has to step forward… but the farther we go, the more we leave SAILING behind…

  • Lostinthewoods76

    These boats in San Francisco Bay would be a hoot…I am not even sure how you would launch it with a fixed wing as it would sail right off the lift….Talk about wreckage and carnage. I am not a mulithull sailor but I think this thing could do a lap around the Bay in like 10 minutes, think about a criterium of sailing, Yahoo!
    It might not be so tactical, but rather just survival. Great photo ops and lots of action. Maybe there could be a medevac chase boat. You could have replacement crew in the water with a tow rope and water skis.