Perth 2011 Sailing Worlds Go Digital With iiNet

Latent audience demand for competitive sailing has been helped by advances in technology that allow even the most niche events send real-time scoring, commentary and video to the world, but even though the costs of cameras has come down, and satellite links have been replaced by the internet, the infrastructure required to give all forms of media what they need can be expensive. Even if you are using the ‘free’ hosting provided by YouTube and Facebook, people still have to be able to connect and get content onto those platforms.

The Perth 2011 ISAF World Championships have added iiNet as a Silver level sponsor. The Western Australian company will provide essential telecommunications support to the organisers, media, participants and spectators.

Michael Malone, Chief Executive Officer of iiNet, said the services provided in the International Broadcast Centre and the nearby Media Centre in Fremantle will enable Journalists and broadcasters to accurately cover the complexities of the ten racing fleets, 850 boats and 1400 athletes taking part in the year’s biggest international sailing event.

“iiNet may have grown to become the second largest DSL internet company in Australia, but this is our home. We were understandably excited to be chosen as the communications partner for Perth 2011 and to use our expertise to promote our home city on the world stage.”

Perth 2011 Chief Operating Officer (COO) Darren Beazley said the digital platforms provided by iiNet would carry the new and innovative technology that allowed officials, the media and the public to follow closely the sport of sailing.

“The racing fleets can now be followed by the Swiss Timing tracking system that shows the position of each boat on a computer or television screen“, Mr. Beazley said. “The internet can also stream live television pictures and commentary from the course. New media such as live blogs, facebook and Twitter will also keep the athletes and general public in close touch with the event.”

Eventscorp Executive Director David Van Ooran said it was fantastic to see a WA business supporting such an important event for WA.

“The Perth 2011 ISAF Sailing World Championships will be the biggest sailing event in this State since the America’s Cup defence. The benefits, both social and economic, to the State will be enormous. It is great news that a home-grown WA company is lending its support in this way.”

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