Sailing Bits and Pieces From Around the Web 2011-01-24

  • @dangriffey good spot – obviously too early in the morning for fact checking. Fixed now. #
  • @stewarthosford Of course Goldman Sachs would say that – they are trying to flog a fund and get the highest valuation possible. #
  • @stewarthosford goldman's valuation is value to Facebook, not to partners. i.e. Valuation divided by users. Depends how you monetise them! in reply to stewarthosford #
  • Lots of reaction to our Yacht Racing Facebook 'League Table'. – we're going to update it monthly with changes in rank. #
  • The new home of the Yacht Racing Facebook 'League Table' – will track progress each month. #
  • @dangriffey Keep that thought. We're going to have a debate about it. Should be fun. Watch this space. #
  • @rupert_holmes Good idea. We might stream it into categories if there is demand. Bit of a blue touchpaper moment today. #
  • Get mark to the top of the Facebook league table! RT @SeahorseMag: Mark Chisnell has a freshly launched Fan Page. #
  • Some really interesting people already signed up to be guest writers for us! #