Team Australia Enter the 34th America’s Cup 2

ausac34 - Team Australia - America's Cup

In 1983, Australia won the America’s Cup. The event was truly historic, not just because it was the first time the Cup had been lost outside America, but because the Cup has never been the same since.

Now, with the rules of the game changed again, the Australians will once again challenge for the trophy.

An entry from Team Australia was accepted by America’s Cup organisers back on the 11th of January. Now an official release by one of the bodies responsible has confirmed the entry.

Australia, like New Zealand provides the America’s Cup and yacht racing industry an enormous amount of talent, from sailors to designers to project managers to media.

On paper, if all the Australian America’s cup and wingsail multihull talent was available to Team Australia, then the campaign would be looking good.

If the team could call upon people like Jimmy Spithill, Grant Simmer, Glen Ashby, Darren Bundock,and Iain Murray then Oracle Racing would have some real competition.

Many of these people though, due to the circumstances of previous years are under contract to oracle racing or other teams in some way or another, but still, the depth of sailing talent in australia should mean the team will be competitive.

According to a statement which includes AC34 PR bingo phrases like “The Formula One of Sailing”:

The Australian Team is progressing with intensive work on all fronts. Crew selection is taking place, the technical programme is underway. Further announcements including the name of the challenging Australian yacht club and key appointments will be released shortly.

The statement also says that the campaign has been in the planning for a year, which coincides nicely with the date that BMW ORACLE won the Deed of gift racing against Alinghi.

It is highly plausible to imagine a group of Australians, relieved to get the mess of the last few years out of the way, looking forward to being back on the world stage.

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  • MC

    Team Australia – About bloody time!
    The talent is there no doubt and the technical expertise and building prowess, can all be done at a National level…and lets face it, if the “suits” were to be honest, there is more than enough sponsorship money sitting on the side lines. As for the public, mate you had to be there ’83. Government incentives to encourage sponsorship should be made available, as a win would pay dividends down the line…if the current Govt. cannot see the incredible potential that lays within, then they should step aside and let someone else run the place.

  • Seamouse

    I’ll second that, whats Bondy doing these days, he would strike the fear of God into Larry 😉