No More Bacon Rolls and 2nd Rate Coffee?

Crew Fuel Energy Food

Does Crew Fuel spell the end of the Bacon Roll for sailors?

In most sports, research and development at the elite level filters down to those who are serious about their sport, but don’t quite have the discipline to train like an Olympian. Equipment is usually where the most obvious innovations are, things to keep you dry, things to keep you warm, things to make the boat go through the water quickly, but when it comes to food, many racing crews are still packing picnics.

At the Olympic level, sailors pay a lot of attention to the food and drink that they eat, when they consume it and in what quantities and now, a new product has been launched to power sailors from the inside.

Crew Fuel is a range of Hi-Energy food products that have been designed specifically for sailors. Owned by Vydex Corporation, Crew Fuel has developed sports nutrition products since 1988 and Managing Director Melvyn John wanted to design a product that would tackle the issues of food versus energy requirements and the vital issue of hydration whilst on the water.

Crew Fuel is formulated to provide vital dietary energy balanced with other nutrients to be consumed at different times of the day especially during the physical challenges of racing. To deal with ‘eating at sea’ problems, all products are presented so they can be ready for consumption in 30 seconds when mixed with water or milk.

The company says that the products are suitable for sailors of all types and experience levels, from a day’s dinghy racing, the Fastnet or even round the World.

Links with academic and research institutions enable us to impliment up-to-date findings in performance supporting nutrition . This work is particularly important in strengthening our products. We have a a plethora of customer feedback received over the the past 22 years, which is vital to our goal of continuous product development. We are particularly proud that over the years, customers world-wide tell us how impressed they are with the high quality and efficacy of our products.

Crew Fuel products include ‘Instant Carbs’, with Caffeine and Electrolytes is a drink mix formula that when sipped as frequently as practical whilst sailing or training replaces vital salts lost through sweat.

Physical and mental performance can be maintained at an optimum level throughout the day or longer offshore, from frequent ingestion of ‘Instant Carbs’.

Crew Fuel is planning to use the sport of sailing to promote its products through sponsorship and support throughout 2011/ 2012. Sailors, boats and races throughout the UK will be used to launch the product to a wider market. The product can be bought online.