Follow Hugo Boss in the Barcelona World Race on your iPhone.

Hugo Boss Sailing iPhone AppDespite Android passing iPhone as the most used smartphone in the world this week, developers are still making apps for the Apple fanboys (and girls). Just in case you can’t get to your computer and you really want to catch up with the latest from the HUGO BOSS Open 60, you can do it via the new app.

HUGO BOSS, one of the 12 boats still participating in the Barcelona World Race out of the original 14, are currently racing non stop for three months, across the most challenging seas on the planet. You can follow co-skippers Andy Meiklejohn & Wouter Verbraak onboard HUGO BOSS on your iPhone.

HUGO BOSS is the only team in the Barcelona World Race to have launched an App for the race, which is compatible with the iPhone and iPad. By downloading the free iPhone and iPad App you can track the boat’s progress wherever you are, as well as keeping up to date with the latest news, pictures and videos as the race unfolds.

Yvonne Fletcher, Alex Thomson Racing Marketing Manager said:

“With modern technology you can really get close to the race and see what’s happening on board. It’s incredible to think that you can sit on your way to work and see what’s happening in the Southern Ocean, one of the most remote places on the planet, right in the palm of your hand”

Although racing without skipper Alex Thomson after he suffered appendicitis just two days before the race start, the HUGO BOSS team of Andy Meiklejohn and Alex’s substitute Wouter Verbraak continue to race in this three month epic.

Alex Thomson racing is being quite aggressive with social media. The team was the fastest growing yacht racing brand on Facebook last month, with fan numbers increasing 32%.

Fans can follow the team on Facebook and keep up to date with their daily blogs from the boat.

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