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Muscat the Wave in the Extreme Sailing Series

Being a sports fan is an irrational thing. Often the team you end up supporting is based on fate, like where you grew up or what college you went to or who your dad supported.

Supporting a team or athlete depends on things like the color of the uniform or the nationality of the star player or who was winning when you were at an impressionable age.

As sport becomes more of a business, it gets harder to make decisions about who to support. The nationality element fades away as mercenary athletes get paid to play for the best team. Long term brand loyalties are tested as heroes sell out to play for the ‘enemy’ and sporting preferences might not always line up with sponsor partnerships.

Thanks to platforms like Facebook, sailing teams and athletes are finally starting to think about fans and some still have the advantage of national pride and links to community.

Oman Sail is one team that is fiercely nationalistic and as well as local fans, the team are attracting a wide global audience through smart use of new technology and the ability to tell stories off the boat.

On the 19th of February, Oman Sail’s ‘Sailing Hero’ – Khamis Al Anbouri will participate in a live webchat, answering questions around competing on home waters and being the defending champion of the Extreme Sailing Series.

In the space of a mere three years, Khamis Al Anbouri has climbed from being a regular Omani citizen to becoming an internationally respected sailor who competes at the top of the game. His story is an incredible one and he has won the respect of the sailing world with his achievements – in 2010 he achieved the extraordinary feat of winning the Extreme Sailing SeriesTM with his team onboard Oman Sail’s The Wave, Muscat.

Khamis has proved that with the adequate sailing training programs there is no reason why Omanis, or citizens of any other country with limited knowledge of professional sailing, couldn’t become some of the best sailors in the world.

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