Audi Med Cup Releases Media Value Figures for 2010.

Audi Med Cup Sponsorship ROI

The Audi Med Cup has released its annual review of media value for the series. Sports+Markt has looked at the markets most important to Grupo Santa Mónica Sports and title sponsor Audi, namely the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy, Germany and Portugal and determined that the media value of the Audi Med Cup in 2010 rose by 65%.

Using the figures produced for the 2009 season, a 65% increase would give the series a headline media value of around €41.1 million (that’s around €8.2 per event).  Helpfully, the communications folk at the Audi Med Cup provided the figures from 2009 in the release, so we didn’t have to go back and check them.

The Advertisement Value Equivalent (AVE) from TV exposure increased by three million euros, to a total of 19,3 million euros, compared with the 16,2 million mark reached in 2009. Media content regarding the Audi MedCup Circuit has also increased across the different platforms. The 2009 campaign registered a total of 1.201 published articles, and 2010 reached a higher number: 1.437, with an equivalent value of 7,3 million euros. So the value per article went down, but the number of articles went up.

Fernando Íñigo, Marketing and Communication Director of Grupo Santa Mónica Sports, said:

“Our goal last year was to increase our media impact by 10% globally and by 30% in some specific markets. Having grown by 65% on the previous year´s campaign is the result of our drive to be in the vanguard of technology, especially when talking about the audio-visual field, where we have aimed to bring new communication tools to the wider public”.

Ignaci Triay, Audi MedCup Circuit Director said:

“Last year, we had a great impact in Argentina and New Zealand, in no small way due to teams such Matador and Emirates Team New Zealand being successful on the Circuit”, notes  “ and the fact that we had well-known stars of the sailing world such as Dean Barker or Ray Davies, great skippers and sailors, who come from these countries”.

It’s fantastic that commercial operators at the top of the sport release these figures, but if such large increases are going to be reported, then they should be substantiated a little better. The press release from the Audi Med Cup only outlines the numbers from Articles and TV, which add up to a value in 2010 of just 26.6 million, when the headline figure is 41.1 million. The 2009 figure of 24.9 million did not include an estimated 3.3 million of digital value and there would be an increased value from digital in 2010, but the gap between the headline figure and the numbers in the release is a large 14.5 million.

  2009 2010
Articles 6,300,000 € 7,300,000 €
TV 16,200,000 € 19,300,000 €
Total 22,500,000 € 26,600,000 €
Reported Total 24,900,000 € 41,100,000 €
Unspecified 2,400,000 € 14,500,000 €


However the numbers are calculated, the Audi Med Cup is still  one of the best places to get a return on investment in sailing, especially if you are looking to target audiences in the markets where the series visits. The online TV platform will continue to add value to a wider audience.

From a hospitality point of view, the Audi Med Cup has copied the Extreme Sailing Series‘ 5th Man initiative,  calling it Crew+ and allowing one person to be on board in each and one of the boats during the regatta, experiencing the race in person, something that sailing offers over and above almost all other sports.

Perhaps some of the missing 14.5 million euros comes from the value of the on-shore programme of activities which make the public´s involvement with the events so successful. In 2010 this included the Public Village, a free entrance zone with a wide range of activities designed to make the event even more exciting and engaging for the local visitor, registering a total attendance of over half a million people. Interactive games and infotainment -information – entertainment-, sailing-related games, a huge TV screen or live music shows were some of the attractiont that its visitors enjoyed in 2010.

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