How To Buy Facebook ‘Likes’ and Influence Sailing Fans 6

Alex thomson Racing Aquires thousands of Fans

The Facebook League Table has been updated and this month show’s who is serious about talking to the Facebook generation and who isn’t.

Readers around the world continue to lobby for their property to be included, but for the time being we are keeping the list at the top 30. To get into the top 30 now requires 1716 fans.

New into the list are the Route du Rhum with 12.708 fans, SailTV with 5438 fans and Esimit Europa with 4641 fans.

Alex Thomson Racing, have increased their ‘likes’ from 2,657 to 10,380 (290%) with the help of a few free Hugo Boss watch giveaways. The Open 60 Team is aggressively acquiring Facebook followers off the back of a strategy that obviously values them highly.

There is increasing evidence that people who ‘like’ a brand on Facebook, spend more than those who don’t. With a cost of acquisition that is less than $1 and sometimes considerably less, this platform will become more and more important.

Where are you on the Facebook Chart?

  • Tim Sewell

    The ISAF facebook site comes in at number 11 with 7176 fans. Join us at

  • Jimotoole

    so what is more relevant to sailing facebook or twitter?

  • It probably depends on your audience Jim and what you are trying to do. Twitter and Facebook are not mutually exclusive and serve different purposes. Twitter is not very good for photos for example, and also doesn’t have the same sense of community that Facebook does… on the other hand, Twitter is great for breaking news and driving a call to action.

  • Tim – the reason we’ve left the ISAF page out for now is that we are focussed on racing rather than sailing. However, we have set a precedent with North Sails and Henri Lloyd, both of whom will have a mix of racing and non-racing fans, so we will add in ISAF next time around.

  • Herreshoff

    Please don’t forget classic yachting: The Herreshoff Marine Museum has nearly 2200 fans.

  • Sly

    How about Antigua Sailing Week – 2036 fans, pretty good for one Caribbean Regatta …
    Check it out here!/SailingWeek