Nespresso Back 2nd Edition of Wally Regatta

Wally and Nespresso team up for branded sailing event

Sometimes, it can be as hard to place sailing sponsorship as it is to look for it. Such a statement promises to trigger a bunch of emails from sailors who are searching hard for budget at the moment, but often the fit is not right and brands need to look at other options for spending their money. One way to ensure that you get what you want is to create your own event in a bespoke manner with a certain audience, positioning and marketing outcomes in mind.

Examples of branded entertainment include the Red Bull Air Race and in the yacht racing market, Louis Vuitton’s recent sweating of the America’s Cup version 5 boats.

In 2010, Wally combined with Nespresso to create a niche event that presented both brands in a staged promotion. In 2011, the 2nd edition of the event will take place in Portofino. Both brands talk to an exclusive audience and rely heavily on design and innovation for success. A press statement says:

Nestlé Nespresso S.A., the worldwide pioneer and reference for highest quality premium portioned coffee, and Wally, the world leader in yachting innovation, today announced the second edition of the Nespresso Cup…  Inspired by the same passion, Nespresso and Wally share a common approach of creative innovation, highest execution on quality, cutting-edge design and technology, delivering elegant but functional solutions.

Luca Bassani, Wally President and Founder said:

“The spirit of the Wally Class is speed and enjoyment, perfectly embodied by last year’s Nespresso Cup. The first exclusively Wally regatta was the perfect blend of tight competition, very close starts, challenging weather, stylish organisation. Our passionate owners are enthusiastically coming back to compete again for the Ultimate Cup.”

During the three-day event, Nespresso will welcome as ambassadors, racing icons Loïck Peyron and Francesco de Angelis. Angleis says:

“I am honored and happy to be back as Ambassador of the 2011 Nespresso Cup. It is great to see this as an established event for the Wally class, after last year’s debut. We know that Portofino is a beautiful venue, so I look forward to race on these fabulous and fast yachts again. I expect the racing to be challenging and fun for everyone involved, on the water and on land.”

Samantha Davies will also attend the Nespresso Cup as an ambassador. She said:

“I am really excited to finally get to sail on the Wally Yachts at the Nespresso Cup. I have longingly watched these beautiful yachts sail next to me for years – now but this will be my first opportunity to step on board and experience the luxury, power and class. It will be great to meet the crews of these boats, and the engineering side of me can’t wait to see the intricate design and mechanics. It is always a pleasure to sail with top level crews on amazing boats, and I am sure that I will also learn a lot from the experience – things that I can apply to my solo offshore racing.”

The Nespresso Cup will be hosted by the Yacht Club Italiano.

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