KRYS Group to Sponsor MOD70 Transatlantic Races

The world probably doesn’t need another yacht race, but having said that – where there is a market, then sports promoters will find a way to develop a product that make sense. The MOD70 has been slowly building momentum from a concept to an event that has high profile ambassadors, boats in the water and now a title sponsor for a transatlantic race.

The MOD70 circuit organisers have announced that Krys Group will sponsor editions of a race from New York to the Tonnerres de Brest Maritime Festival. The Krys Ocean Race is planned for 2012 and 2014.

This could probably only happen in France. The popular support for the sailors who have put their names (and their sponsor’s names) to the project allows the MOD70 project to launch into an already crowded space. It is not a surprise then that the sponsor of the first race will also be French with a French focus.

Arnaud Ploix, Managing Director of Krys Group said:

“Beyond all the common values we share with sailing in general, it’s also interesting to be present at the genesis of a project. With a new class and a new partner in the maritime universe, we naturally have some fine human stories to write together. We’re going to rely on this fantastic race to share the really thrilling, inspirational moments with our customers and further unify our opticians. Furthermore, though we want to associate the brand’s image with the values of sailing, a single operation would only have little significance. It takes time to establish a successful collaboration. Our involvement in the first two editions of the KRYS OCEAN RACE is the first concrete proof of a partnership which Krys is keen to be part of over the long term.”

The KRYS OCEAN RACE 2012 is positioning itself with tradition in mind. While the boats might be modern trimarans, the publicity uses the imagery of  major transatlantic races including a race to honor Charlie Barr and the schooner Atlantic in the early 20th century.

Perhaps one of the things that does make the MOD70 different is the one-design concept that puts all sailors on an equal footing and celebrates the human talents of the pilots. While there is a place in sailing for races where the team with the deepest pockets, the best designers, the newest materials and the biggest budget for training wins – the MOD70 is more like the World Match Racing Tour – a competition between people rather than machines.

And not just any people. The confirmed entry already includes the who’s who of French offshore sailing;  Stève Ravussin, Roland Jourdain, Michel Desjoyeaux and Sébastien Josse

Different stakeholders are looking for different things from the project. There are not a lot of sailing events around the world that have a title sponsor, so being able to announce the involvement of KRYS group is important for the credibility of the MOD70 project.

Marco Simeoni, President of the MOD S.A commented:

“The KRYS OCEAN RACE constitutes both a success and the start of the adventure. The various partners associated with this event – Krys, our title partner, as well as the cities hosting the start and finish, the cosmopolitan New York, and Brest with the fabulous Tonnerres de Brest maritime festival – all come together to provide some very promising elements in terms of notoriety and popular success for this first race, whose aim is to be a major event on the MOD70 circuit.”

More and more, the host cities of races are seeing the economic and social benefits of being at the start or finish of such a race. Mr Cuillandre, Mayor of Brest said:

“The MOD70 project represents the future of offshore racing with one-design multihulls aboard which the crews will be able to pit against each other on equal terms on powerful, high performance machines. As such it is important for Brest to be associated with such a project, so as to bring to the fore its facilities, such as the new Port du Château and its network of businesses specialising in the sector of offshore racing and watersports. A race like the Krys Ocean Race is an additional opportunity to showcase Brest and its maritime excellence. Furthermore, a finish in the midst of the Tonnerres de Brest maritime festival 2012 further strengthens the link with the whole world of sea and sailors”.

Dates of the KRYS OCEAN RACE

  • Start: on 7 July 2012
  • Opening of the race village in New York: from 30 June to 7 July
  • Opening of the race village in Brest: from 13 to 17 July

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