Sailing Bits and Pieces From Around the Web 2011-04-11

  • #AC34 types still banging on about F1. There is more tech in an F1 steering wheel than the AC72. Get a new analogy please…. #
  • ' @willycarson Maybe we should invent a new ACEA top trumps. 10 points for F1 of sailing and 50 points for 'natural amphitheater' #
  • RT @2010BWR_fr: Bravo à Jean-Pierre Dick et Loïck Peyron pour nous avoir fait vibrer sur cette seconde édition de la Barcelona World Race #
  • New browser toolbar for Firefox and Explorer. Stay in touch : #
  • @willycarson not quite so simple, though individuals might do better. There are fewer bogus Facebook accounts – twitter easier to game. in reply to willycarson #
  • 2011 Who's Who of yacht racing deadline is 15th of April. Contact @darkbluebook , @duffsailing (FR) or @fredeagle (USA) #
  • RT @DarkBlueBook: Just 5 days to get your submission done for the 2011 DARK BLUE BOOK #ac34 #WMRT #exss #sailing #