SIS LIVE Given America’s Cup Camera Contract.

America's Cup Camera Partner

The America’s Cup Event Authority (ACEA) has announced that SIS LIVE has won the contract to design, build and deliver High Definition (HD) agile cameras and digital RF microwave links for the 34th America’s Cup. Every press release from every spokesperson for the Cup talks about the importance of reinventing the viewing experience, specifically through television, so SIS LIVE have a lot to live up to. The “multi-million pound” contract will cover on-board camera systems for a three-year period.

David Meynell, Managing Director, SIS LIVE, says:

“This is a very important strategic contract that allows SIS LIVE to develop cutting-edge solutions for the America’s Cup Event Authority. We have already started the process, having been to New Zealand to look at the boats. SIS LIVE is unique in its ability to offer a complete solution including the design, build and delivery of the highest specification HD agile cameras and RF microwave links. We also have the technical and operational personnel to operate the cameras in race conditions. SIS LIVE has extensive experience of designing and operating small on-board HD camera systems and RF links for motorsports, sailing in Beijing and other sporting events, and we are bringing all that expertise to the America’s Cup.”

Given the speed and scale of the new event, the technology will be pushed to the limit. Capturing multiple 72ft vessels travelling at 30knots as well as on board footage, sound and umpiring decisions will be a challenge. Add the complication of salt-water and SIS LIVE will need to work hard to live up to the huge expectations set by America’s Cup organisers.

Gary Lovejoy Head of Media Production, ACEA, speaks not just of coverage, but of transforming coverage of sailing as we know it:

“We are transforming the television coverage of the 34th America’s Cup to make it more comprehensive, more dynamic and more engaging for our viewing audience. We want to enable viewers to feel like they are on the boats – feeling the power of the waves, seeing the split-second decisions being made, seeing these athletes in action – so on-board cameras are a key part of our strategy.”

According to the statement issued by SIS LIVE, the three-year contract covers two America’s Cup World Series, which begin this summer and include 16 regattas around the globe.

So that’s the tech done, but what about the personalities that will front this new world of broadcasting excellence? We’ll wait and see.

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