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It would be a mistake to think of the ‘Facebook Generation’ as teenagers. The phrase was one of the most memorable in Russell Coutts’ speech to relaunch the America’s Cup, but as millions of people who have watched ‘The Social Network’ will know – Facebook started in 2004 at Harvard. If the original Facebook users were in their early twenties then, they are in their late twenties or early 30s now.

The Facebook Generation is less about age, and more about the extent to which they embrace new technology. Using Facebook’s own advertising targeting platform, we did a little test on the distribution of facebook users in San Francisco, that came out like this:

Age Range Facebook Users
13 – 18 445,260
18 – 30 850,820
30 – 50 880,820
50 – 64 332,200

Proportionally, there are more Facebook users between 13-18 than there are in any other bracket, but there is a more interesting statistic that comes out of this analysis. If┬áthe Bay area has an estimated population of 7 million then the Facebook users represent about 35% of the population. It’s not a small number, but it means that 65% of the population are NOT using Facebook.

Nevertheless, until sailing manages to get it’s marketing right and convince television executives that the sport should be on TV, Facebook and other online media channels are a fantastic way to deliver fans the content they want.

And so – to our monthly look at how sailing’s racing brands are using Facebook to talk to their fans.

This month, we have included a couple of the online sailing competitions. The growth of virtual sailing is one of the huge success stories of the sport and one of the very best ways to bring new people to sailing – teach them the rules and get them engaged. While the Volvo Ocean Race keeps it’s position at the top of the Facebook Top 30, the Barcelona World Race game is now at number 2 with 28,010 likes. We also included Virtual Regatta, who currently have 8,867 people liking them but are set to increase this number with new products coming soon.

With new boats on the water, the America’s Cup is the fastest growing Facebook page this month (14.34%), and Alex Thomson Racing are still doing well. With the addition of new entries, the number of likes required to make the top 30 is now 2,389.

Our league table can be seen here

  • CB

    Can I point out something ? the Vendee Globe website get a 4300 likes, so close to the Barcelona World race even if the next edition is in 2012, and Lorient For the Volvo Ocean Race, the official page of the stopover get already 2200