Sailing’s Fastest Growing Facebook Properties.

Social Media in Istanbul

We’ve updated our ‘Top 30 Sailing Brands on Facebook‘ chart. This month’s movers include the Extreme Sailing Series and the Audi Med Cup as their 2011 calendar of events get going. The Vendee Globe is a ‘new entry’ and the Volvo Ocean Race maintains its position on the top of the chart.

The fastest growing property in the top 30 during May was the Extreme Sailing Series (11.39%). This may be due in part to spectacular capsizes in Qingdao, China which have been shared virally around the social web.

Having actual events, is an advantage to growing fans in the real-world and on  Facebook. 200 of the 6523 likes that the Extreme Sailing Series has are from Turkey, however only 20 are from China.*

Just outside the top 30, the World Match Racing Tour, who held their first event during May, grew by 9.4%, but only 180 of their likes are in France, which seems low considering the strong representation of French sailors in the tour this year. The Audi Med Cup, who also ran their first event for 2011 during May achieved the highest growth of all the properties we monitor, growing at 40% to 2473 likes.

The required ‘likes’ to make it into the top 30 is now 2839.

Social media is playing an increasingly important role in activating sponsorships and creating long term fans. It’s not just the American and ‘developed’ markets that are growing. Emerging markets are hungry to embrace these new technologies and innovations like location based social media tool FourSquare are being used in places like Turkey more than in France or the UK.

At the Extreme Sailing Series event held in Istanbul recently, more people were ‘checked-in’ to the Extreme Sailing Series than check into my local Starbucks, which is not a scientific test, but an interesting trend to keep an eye on. The Extreme Sailing Series will visit Boston next, where Foursquare users should be plentiful.

You can see the complete ‘Top 30 Facebook Sailing Brands list’ here…

*The numbers of likes from a particular country has been determined using Facebook’s Social advertising platform.