Sailing Facebook Top 30 Update – Emirates Team NZ Gets Going.

Photo by Gilles Martin-Raget

Our sailing brand Facebook League Table has been updated. The top 30 yacht racing properties grew their fanbases on the social media site at an average of 4.79%. There seems to be a distinct correlation between activity on the water and growth.

The fastest growing properties are ones that have had news or activity in the last month. The fastest growing brand in our monitored list is Emirates Team NZ who are just outside the Top 30 with 1742 likes. This was 39.14% up on the previous month after the team announced that they would officially contest the next America’s Cup and also announced that Nespresso would be a team sponsor. Loick Peyron, who was part of the team to win the Barcelona World Race, grew his Facebook fanbase by 10.4% to 1942, still a little bit short of the number needed to make it into the top 30.

Within the Top 30, the fastest growing property is still the Official America’s Cup ‘page’. The event grew by 19.53% to 6,927 on the back of some spectacular pictures out of Auckland and some small announcements about the America’s Cup World Series. The Extreme Sailing Series, which held a spectacular event in Qingdao grew it’s Facebook fanbase by 9.87%

The growth experienced by Loick Peyron and the America’s Cup is organic growth – that is, people are coming to the properties through their networks or discovering pages through the Facebook recommendation systems. However this month we saw negative growth for Alex Thomson Racing, one of the brands that has experienced high growth in recent months. One of the reasons for this could be the end of the Barcelona World Race, however – it is perhaps more likely that people ‘un-liking’ Alex Thomson Racing is related to promotions that were designed to build the fanbase.

Tempting people to ‘like’ the team with the prospect of winning a watch will always add an element of churn to a social media campaign. Rather than stay for the long-term, to follow the team, some people will press the ‘like’ button just for the prize and then, when the promotion is over. The other alternative, which is also a product of attracting people on the fringes of fandom is that they didn’t get what they were expecting.

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Photo by Gilles Martin-Raget