Marinepool Launch Extreme Sailing Series Merchandise

In December, the Extreme Sailing Series announced a new deal with sailing clothing brand Marinepool. The 3 year deal means that Marinepool is the official clothing partner of the, now global, series and also includes merchandising rights.

At the latest round of the Extreme Sailing Series in Istanbul, the new clothing line went on sale to the public for the first time and interest from fans seemed to be high.

The sailing clothing market is changing and brands that have enjoyed strong support in their home markets are looking to generate awareness around the world and open new markets.

Christoph Stadler, Marinepool’s Marketing Director says about the deal with the Extreme Sailing Series:

It’s anĀ importantĀ co-operation to broaden the reach of our brand worldwide. It’s a global circuit and it’s just the right partner for us.

We’ve started selling the product in Turkey. We have developed a merchandising collection for the Extreme Sailing Series, particularly branded, trying to put the action and the close quarters sailing on the garments. The range will go on sale online very soon.

OC Thirdpole boss, Mark Turner is also happy with the Marinepool deal. He said that finding the right clothing partner, who has the same goals and wants to invest for the long term can be difficult. The OC Group has worked with many recognised sailing apparel brands and high-street fashion labels, but often they can be too big, or too small to devote time and resource to developing the partnership.

We caught up with Christoph Stadler in Istanbul outside the merchandising tent. Here’s what he had to say about the partnership with the Extreme Sailing Series and the city. (Or watch the video on YouTube)

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