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Last week, we were off taking a look at sailing from the other side of the Atlantic. As well as catching up with a few of our fans in Boston at the Extreme Sailing Series, we also talked to some of the top sports marketing people in the US about sailing and its place in 2011. More of that later, but in the mean time, there are a couple of stories that we need to catch up on.

Gamesa Sailing Team

Some positive news for the IMOCA 60 Class and the Vendee Globe with the announcement that UK sailor Mike Golding has secured sponsorship from wind energy technology company Gamesa.

Sailing and wind energy seems to be a pretty obvious tie-up, and with the renewable energy sector becoming increasingly competitive – sponsorship is one way to create awareness and build momentum in both home and new markets. Previous energy sponsorships have included Iberdrola’s backing of the Amercia’s Cup and TP52 campaigns and the 34th America’s Cup may also feature a team with significant sponsorship from an energy brand.

Mike Golding is one of several UK sailors who are looking for budget to compete in the next Vendee Globe. The announcement that he has secured the money to compete in the race might help other sailors like Dee Caffari in their quest to be on the start line in Les Sables d’Olonne, France, on 10 November 2012.

According to Gamesa’s website – in 2010, Gamesa’s consolidated revenues amounted to more than 2,764 million euro and the net profit was 50 million euro. International markets accounted for almost 93% of whole sales.

While Gamesa is a Spanish company, it will have a significant UK offshore operation in the next few years. The company is working to launch two offshore platforms and plans to invest over €150 million in this activity by 2014. Gamesa’s offshore business will be headquartered in London. The announcement about The Gamesa Sailing Team was made to 135 of the company’s top global executives at their annual convention in Windsor, England.

Jorge Calvet, Chairman and Chief Executive of Gamesa commented on the synergies between the company and Mike Golding’s offshore campaign:

“This sponsorship comes at an important time for Gamesa and our planned programme of expansion into the offshore market in UK. The sea and the wind are similarly part of the Gamesa challenge and there are synergies between Mike’s Vendée Globe campaign and our own activities in the wind power market in the UK and globally. We have a vigorous business plan over the coming years with many common values, including innovation, teamwork, leadership and passion for our customers, and we look forward to working with Mike and his team to achieve both our goals and his.”

Mike Golding said:

“This is obviously fantastic for us to be able to formally announce our partnership with Gamesa. With Gamesa’s support and our existing infrastructure we are now certain to be able to mount a very competitive campaign for the 2012 Vendée Globe – which is simply wonderful news. Having enjoyed enormous success in the sport of sailing, the Vendee Globe remains ‘the event’ I would most love to win.”

“Furthermore, having spent the past decade championing environmental products and issues, it is really exiting that Gamesa’s core business is in renewable energy – an area increasingly critical to performance in competitive round the world yacht racing.”

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  • Ann M Ramsey

    Enjoyed your article on wind energy sponsors, and agree with you that with international platforms, the B2B nature of their business, the focus on technological innovation, and the use of physics instead of fossil fuels for propulsion make wind energy developers and yacht racing an ideal pairing.