World Match Racing Tour on iTunes

Download World Match Racing Tour Video from iTunes

A war is on for the hearts, minds and screens of sailing fans around the world. In a few short years, the sport has gone from being almost invisible, except for the occasional record breaker and America’s Cup, to being streamed 24 hours a day in HD via the Internet.

Whether or not there is a sustainable business model for such media production is still to be seen, but people who want to watch yacht racing and the back-stories of pro sailors can choose from a multitude of YouTube channels, video aggregation sites and IPTV platforms.

The World Match Racing Tour is one of the series that is using IPTV to engage fans through video. The WMRT has created the ability for fans to download all the Tour’s latest multimedia content free from iTunes. (Make sure you are on wifi though – at 82mb per episode, you don’t want to be using your mobile network.)

World Match Racing Tour Sales Director Matt Strachan said:

“World Match Racing Tour video content will now go straight onto iTunes, giving fans worldwide access to top quality content which they can watch on the device of their choice at a time of their choice.

“It’s the next step in our IPTV strategy which we have launched this season allowing fans to watch live streaming of racing from events for two hours each day or watch it on-demand. The coverage of racing accompanies The Morning Show and The Today Show, our daily magazine programmes. The shows have proved very popular, not just with audiences but also with the sailors, the event promoters and with sponsors. It increases our digital footprint and reaffirms the World Match Racing Tour as a leader in providing multimedia content for fans.”

Unlike the new ‘America’s Cup Uncovered’ programme, which is narrated off a script by a faceless voice, the World Match Racing Tour is creating personalities out of the competitors but also the hosts of The Morning Show and The Today Show. Hannah White’s impromptu, live style is in stark contrast to some series who polish (and get sign-off on) every line before having them voiced-over after the event.

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