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Regular readers will have noticed the appearance of new branding in the last couple of weeks. Yes, we are in the process of moving from being known as to

When Yachtsponsorship started as a blog in 2008, it was a way of keeping track of the deals, trends and best practice relating to sponsorship of yacht-racing. In 2011, the site covers a wide variety of business stories including host city bids, media and social media, environmental and economic impact of events, attracting fans and more. will continue to focus on the business of yacht racing, and sponsorship will still be a large part of the coverage, but you will be able to have more control over what you want to hear about.

This RSS feed and email update will stop updating in the next few days. We would love to automatically convert you to the new feeds, but in order to comply with data-protection and privacy regulations, it’s better if you do it yourself.

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Yacht Racing Life….

Occasionally, we get stories that don’t quite fit in the business pages, but we think are relevant to the audience of the site. Rather than dilute the business focus of the site, we have created a new section that will include stories about race news, product news including reviews, the social life of yacht racing including the occasional piece of gossip and because we don’t have a problem with the top-end of sailing being a bit elitist, we will also have some fashion and lifestyle stories including toys and gadgets.

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Pick and Mix – Yacht Racing Business & Life News

Each section within the new site now has it’s own RSS feed. If you use an app like FlipBoard or Reeder, you can add these to your news digests. At the top of each category on the site, there is a link to the RSS Feed for this Section. Not all will have an email push feature, but they can be created if there is demand.

These sections are a sub-set of the main feeds, all stories will appear in the top level updates. Some stories will appear in multiple categories – so there may be some duplication.

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A Word To Our Sponsors

The new site allows us to manage advertising in a way that is category specific. If you would like to advertise in a particular category, please contact us.