Last Week’s Top 5 Yacht Racing Stories

Some of you might be wondering why you don’t get emails from anymore. A couple of weeks ago, we relaunched the site at – the content is the same, just the name has changed.

If you follow us on Twitter, or Like us on Facebook, you will have still seen some of these articles, but if you haven’t changed over your email subscription or RSS feed, then here are the Top 5 Sailing business stories of the week.

1. Let the Sailors be Sailors and we Might Get More Fans.

Actually, you might have seen this one too, because it was picked up by Scuttlebutt and Scuttlebutt Europe. It’s about media training for sailors and over-corporatisation of social media. Read the Article here…

2. Bruno Peyron Talks About the Business of the America’s Cup.

The man behind the commericials for Energy Team FR talks about business models, raising sponsorship and whether or not the ACWS is just a show. Read the Article here.

3. Video Interview with ACEA’s Richard Worth.

Richard talks about selling the new America’s Cup product to venues, teams and broadcasters. It’s harder than selling football. Video and Article here

4. Video Interview with Merfyn Owen about Racing design innovation.

The designer of IMOCA Open 60 Gamesa talks at the Southampton Boat Show about how cruising sailors owe much of their time saving innovations to the world of short-handed racing. More here.

5. San Francisco Signs off Financial Package for the America’s Cup

Despite a wide ranging disparity in estimates about economic value, California is convinced that the America’s Cup will drive jobs, investment and economic activity. More here