Is Sailing Getting It’s Share of Sponsorship?

The sport of sailing offers sponsors a wide variety of options to promote their products and services to a desirable demographic with great brand associations. But many sailors aren’t doing themselves any favours when it comes to approaching companies for sponsorship.

There are some great sailing campaigns out there that are let down by amateur sponsorship proposals, or by sailors setting their sights too high or not understanding how their offer compares to other sports – or even to other competitors in the same competition.

In order to help sailors, teams, event organisers and clubs get their share of the sponsorship budgets of companies we have designed a Sponsorship Webinar Series.

I said in a press statement yesterday:

Sailors and event organisers often fail to raise sponsorship because they are missing basic skills or they have the wrong or dated attitudes.

The nature of sponsorship has changed and companies compare a wide variety of marketing options before writing a cheque. Sailing could be missing out on sponsorship to other sports which adopt a more polished and commercial approach.

The nature of sport has changed. There are some who will choose to continue to play the amateur game – and that’s fine. There are others who will want to be semi-professional or even strive to make a career out of their sport. These people need to spend some time training to win in the board-room as well as winning on the water.

With that in mind, the webinar series is not free, but access to all the webinars will cost less than $100 – an investment well worth it for the future.

Educating Your People.

If you are a club or event organiser, why not consider hosting one of our workshops for your teams and sailors. You could add it as a half-day before an event, or a full day on a non-racing day. For more information about hosting one of our Sponsorship Workshops, contact us. 

Sponsoring Our Event

Want to promote your product or service to athletes, clubs or event organisers? Perhaps you offer crew clothing, insurance, boat wrapping, legal advice or video camera solutions. This audience is in need of these things.

Being an event sponsor gets you visibility at the event and an opportunity to present your company. We also promote our partners through our online platforms including social channels. For more information about sponsoring this event, please contact Pilote Media.

The Sailing Sponsorship Webinar Series has SOLD OUT.

New dates for 2014 will be announced shortly.