Extreme Series Media Value Numbers 2013

The Extreme Sailing Series has released its media numbers for the 2013 season. The headline media value figure, calculated by Havas Sports & Entertainment Ignition is €35 million.

In an area where numbers are hard to compare, the EXSS has used the same valuation company and the same method for several years – lending weight to claims made by the event of a 26% increase on 2012 figures.

According the the press release issued by the EXSS, TV coverage, including the official seven-part TV series, news and dedicated programming, continues to provide the lion’s share of coverage and a 70% increase in value compared to 2012. The TV series is valued at over €7.8million. In 2013 the TV series was distributed on 54 channels, versus 41 in 2012.

The statement goes on to say: print media has seen growth in the number of articles published (809 articles in 2013, versus 734 in 2012) however this is a bit of trickery as print value fell year on year. The value of series online coverage is now nearly €2.8million – a 53% increase on 2012.

The release presents the numbers in a way that makes it quite hard to compare year on year, but here’s a helpful graph and a table. (Numbers are 000s)

Extreme Sailing Series Media Value

Extreme Sailing Series Media Value 2009-2013

It’s no coincidence that the numbers were released at the same time as the Extreme Sailing Series opened up its Host Venue selection process as it continues to look for a partner to sit alongside Land Rover.

Not all cities need apply though. Criteria includes being able to offer spectators a NASCAR style race circuit within an ‘iconic’ city. In addition, the venue must be able to deliver a sporting event of the highest integrity, ensuring fair racing for the elite level teams who compete. The venue must have city and regional support related to the financial and operational aspects of the event, local promotion and entertainment, and must be a city in a market of commercial interest to our global partners.