Sponsorship Activation

bluQube Sponsor Global Ocean Race Online Game

Competitive yacht racing, as opposed to sailing, appeals to quite a small number of people. There is an argument by some, that motorsport attracts a bigger audience than yacht racing because most people can relate to driving a car, but can’t relate to sailing – but this doesn’t seem to […]

Video: Oman Sail’s Sponsors Activate.

Sponsors Focus on Consumers At Cowes Week Oman Sail continues to combine professional sailing with savvy marketing. This is long-term, grown-up strategy meets great execution of tactics. While Leigh McMillan was winning the Cowes Round of the Extreme Sailing Series on Muscat the Wave, the sponsors were making the most of […]

Abu Dhabi Activate Sailing Sponsorship at Cowes Week

Sailing has become a popular platform to promote travel destinations in recent years. On one side of the deal, promoters of events like the Volvo Ocean Race, Extreme Sailing Series and even Clipper Race bring teams, media and spectators to a venue and showcase it to a targeted audience. On the […]

What Can the America’s Cup Learn from F1 2011?

The new deal America’s Cup, which perhaps for the first time is aiming to appeal as much to spectators as it is to team-owners, has set expectations high with regards to the communication of the event to fans via television and social media. The entrepreneurial zeal of California is waking […]

Marine Industry Awards Categories Announced.

More information has been published about the new Marine Industry Awards including the categories for which awards will be given. The judging panel is yet to be announced. There are a total of thirteen awards listed, including prizes for innovation and powerboats, but three awards should be of particular interest […]