Sunsail Racing Sponsorship of Biscay 2012 a Good Deal.

The Royal Southern Yacht Club recently announced a calendar of events to celebrate their 175th Anniversary, including a new offshore race – the Biscay 2012. One of the sponsors of the race will be Sunsail – more specifically, Sunsail Racing – and the tie-up is a clever one. As Sunsail rolls […]

Royal Southern Launches New Race with Sponsorship Support.

In 2012, the Royal Southern Yacht Club will celebrate its 175th Anniversary. In a country where the average life expectancy of a business is 12 years, the Royal Southern continues to show how a yacht club can be commercial enterprise and a thriving hub of social and racing activity. The […]

5 Oceans Race Will Add SolOceans One Design to Mix in 2014-15

40, 50, 60, 70 feet… round the world, stopping, non-stop, crewed, solo… 1 hull, 2 hulls, 3 hulls…One Design or Open… the choices for sailors and the fans of sailing seem to get more and more complicated. There’s only so many sailors, so many sponsors and so many months in […]

Sponsorship from Gaastra for Superyacht Cup

The Superyacht Cup is a strange event in the sporting world. Only yacht owners would consider racing their luxury playthings against each other. It’s not like there is a race for new Rolls Royce cars or motorhome races or private jet races, but nevertheless – by collecting together to race […]

Superyacht Cup - Palma