Beluga Vodka Become RC44 Official Sponsor

As new markets begin to discover yacht racing as a way to position high-end products to high-end customers, new brands are appearing on the sides of boats and associated sponsorship activation. Alongside French banks, we will begin to see more products from China, Korea and Russia. In 2010, Synergy Russian […]

ESPN List Reports Russell Coutts’ Salary at $10,000,000 1

Russell Coutts is the only sailor to appear in a list of ¬†athlete’s salaries by ESPN. His reported $10,000,000 salary also makes him the most highly paid New Zealand athlete. While the sum might be relatively small compared to superstars in major sports, the ‘per-game’ fee is significant indeed. Coutts […]

SEA San Diego Show Sailing As a Pro Sport Can Work in the USA.

The USA is a strange place. We get more emails from people in the USA than anywhere else criticising our commercial agenda and bemoaning the loss of ‘corinthian spirit’ in the sport of yacht racing. Yet this is the land that has the biggest, wealthiest, professional sports leagues on the […]

SEA San Diego - Sailing Events

Will Major Sailing Events be Visible at World Travel Market? 2

Hundreds of thousands of travel professionals will be in London this week for World Travel Market (WTM). Visitors to the event include everyone from B&B owners to rental car companies to representatives from cities and countries looking to increase tourism to their part of the world. Over the last few […]

Synergy Russian Sailing Team Joins RC44 World Championships. 2

While most of the speculation about the next America’s Cup boat rule is centred on multihulls, a monohull option would certainly take inspiration from the RC44. Designed by BMW ORACLE CEO Russell Coutts and campaigned by BMW ORACLE team members, the boat was also used in the America’s Cup technical […]