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One-Design Decision Changes Volvo Ocean Race Sponsorship Offer.

This week, the Volvo Ocean Race announced that the format of the race would change from a ‘Box-Rule’ to a one-design. This means that every boat in the next two races will be ‘exactly’ the same. The decision has some big implications for brands who are interested in sponsoring this […]

Sunsail Racing Sponsorship of Biscay 2012 a Good Deal.

The Royal Southern Yacht Club recently announced a calendar of events to celebrate their 175th Anniversary, including a new offshore race – the Biscay 2012. One of the sponsors of the race will be Sunsail – more specifically, Sunsail Racing – and the tie-up is a clever one. As Sunsail rolls […]

bluQube Sponsor Global Ocean Race Online Game

Competitive yacht racing, as opposed to sailing, appeals to quite a small number of people. There is an argument by some, that motorsport attracts a bigger audience than yacht racing because most people can relate to driving a car, but can’t relate to sailing – but this doesn’t seem to […]

Royal Southern Launches New Race with Sponsorship Support.

In 2012, the Royal Southern Yacht Club will celebrate its 175th Anniversary. In a country where the average life expectancy of a business is 12 years, the Royal Southern continues to show how a yacht club can be commercial enterprise and a thriving hub of social and racing activity. The […]